New Geeky Stuff I’ve Found

Every now and then I just gotta share something new… stuff that I think our friends and clients will benefit from.

This one’s a quickie — I found a neat way to take photos with my iPhone that helps me get crystal clear images. I used to end up with blurry images because I couldn’t keep the iPhone steady while pressing the button to take the picture. This trick definitely solves that problem for me. Check out this article: How to use your iPhone’s headphones for steady photo captures

Next I want to tell you about a new gadget I’ve been using. It’s called the Jawbone Up! It’s so stealth that almost nobody has even asked me about it, which I think is cool. It kinda looks like one of those rubber wrist bands people wear, so it doesn’t draw attention to itself, but this cool little contraption keeps track of my activity throughout the day (so I can tell just how much MORE I need to be walking than I am now). It also tracks how much sleep I’m getting each night. It syncs with my iPhone through the headphone plug. You can take pictures of your food each day too and upload the pics though the UP! app. This is all meant to be social — you connect with your friends who also have UP! which helps keep you accountable. You can create challenges for yourself and your group of friends to help inspire each other. The coolest thing about the UP! is that it vibrates to wake you up in the morning at the time when you are in your lightest sleep so you wake up gently, feeling much better than you do with an alarm clock blaring in your head. For me, that’s worth the $99.99 all by itself. I also have it set to buzz me throughout my work day whenever I’ve been inactive for more than an hour, reminding me to get UP! and move around a bit. I highly recommend it — if you get it, let me know and we can join each other in our quest for good health!